The Lye Saga
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heh heh your attention didn't I?

Well..this used to be the "what's new" section..but why do you people care whats new...? I know I don' changed it to the links section, and believe me..there are gonna be a lot of em..heh heh heh....Im too lazy to add banners and stuff, but well..just go to the links k? I PROMISE there is nothing but the best...

The art of Tagashi

OMG! You HAVE to go here, its a must, this shit is awesome..never seen better..swear oin my life..really makes my stuff look bad...BUT you have to go, or ill kick your ass so bad..*threatens some more* no..Im just kiddin, Ill just...burn all your mail or go..don't think i can't see you..i can..Im all around you *spooky music plays* da da da! TIkijen

this is another of my sites, full of craziness....its hard to understand..but good for a laugh...

Tikijen's Art

some of my better art...

******note: there is another link on the "contact me" section, Im just too lazy to move it here..heh heh heh